How could Gro2 Ltd to help me start a new business or grow an existing business?

Gro2 Ltd works tirelessly to find appropriate people and assist them to get into their own business or to make their existing business viable, profitable and scalable. An ‘Associate’ agreement would be signed, where you would become an Associate of Gro2 Ltd. This agreement will state our rights and responsibilities so all is clear from the outset. You would need to prove you have the commitment, the discipline and the right attitude to work hard enough to succeed. The best start, is to invest something of value up front and also to cover some of the risk to get you going regards the research, the admin processes, the strategy and branding required to get you started. The training and testing will be thorough, that’s why hard work matters as much as your track record. The Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] is suited for young and older people alike.

What makes Gro2 Ltd any different from other consulting service providers?

Firstly, the Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] is tailored for each Associate’s specific needs. Secondly, Gro2 Ltd already has Associates in Strategy, Marketing, Sales Promotion and Bookkeeping to assist new Associates. Thirdly, the expertise and training available to Associates is invaluable and finally, a significant portion of the cost of the GAP is based on an ‘earn out basis’, making the set-up cost a lot easier when budgets are tight.

What makes Gro2 Ltd professional?

The founder and Director of Gro2 Ltd, Laurence Dann, has provided professional consulting services in business strategy in Southern Africa and the UK for over twenty years. He oversees all Associate projects and provides hands-on guidance and consulting.

What if I am young, enthusiastic and willing to work hard – but have little or no funds?

It’s interesting the number of young people [21-30] who are have not gone to college or university but who are very smart, ambitious and hard working. Consequently, they are good candidates for the Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] – Having no funds to start out is a problem, as there is often a good reason for this and you would have no working capital. If your biography shows that you have not been hardworking or you have been poor with money, this will soon show. However, if you can get the financial support of a sponsor or if you are clearly talented [not just a smart talker] and are willing to put in some ‘sweat equity’ we could still talk.

What if our business has been trading for years but as yet has not been particularly profitable?

The Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] is often ideally suited for these types of businesses. An agreement can be reached to work with you and your team, using the Gro2 resources to assist you to get on the right path and put the right steps in place. We would have to look at your situation in depth first, before costs and tasks could be identified.

How does Gro2 Ltd ensure that my project doesn’t lose momentum?

This is a good question as the hard part of the Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] is to maintain the drive to see the project through to the end. This means that when times get tough, everyone stays focused and sticks to their tasks and pulls through. Performance is monitored all the time, checking results and changes are discussed on a regular basis. If problems arise, such as if skills are lacking or if you have a conflict with a supplier or staff member – these are dealt with as a matter of urgency. Incentives and rewards are a good means to motivate and the Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] focuses on that.

What will it cost me to do business with Gro2 Ltd?

The cost of the Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] varies from project to project, person to person as risks and rewards differ for each agreement signed. The important Gro2 values when working together, is to be fair, to be realistic, to do your best and to have some fun. No one is able to guarantee success, however we can all do our very best to minimise the downside and maximise the upside. As a smart Associate, you will get the basics set up for your business professionally first and keep costs low, then work hard and generate cash flow to pay overheads and your outstanding set-up costs on an ‘earn out’ basis. This limits your initial cost and exposure to your own capital and investment.

Once my business is running well, what then?

The Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] involves a contract – say for example for 12 – 24 months. You may have negotiated a shorter or longer contract, but look out for the clause that enables you to buy or earn yourself out at any time. If the Gro2 Ltd costs are all paid up by the Associate by then, the Associate has the option to:

  1. Choose to sign a new agreement to continue to benefit from great discounts for services from Gro2 Ltd and other Associates; or
  2. The Associate may continue trading free of Gro2 Ltd if that is preferred.

What if we find we can’t or won’t work well together?

The Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] agreement will deal with that, so that you will know upfront what your risks and responsibilities will be.

What services are Gro2 Ltd able to offer me?

At the moment the Gro2 Associate Programme [GAP] offers the following services ‘in-house.’:

  1. Strategy
  2. Marketing
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Sales promotion

An additional six new business services are scheduled to be added in 2012. It goes without saying that the Gro2 Associates from each other and share supplier discounts where possible.

Am I able to do business with Gro2 Ltd from a distance, especially in a foreign country?

Gro2 Ltd will soon assess if the online communication between us is suitable for doing business together. You would need to be connected to the Internet enabling voice and email communication. Distance communication is not expected to prove to be a barrier to do business. In fact, it is often preferred as it can be more convenient by saving time and money that traditional face-to-face meetings don’t offer.

Would GAP candidates get assistance to raise funds to start or grow a business?

The simple answer is yes, by agreement. Where possible, Gro2 Ltd would assist good candidates to raise funds from any one of a variety of sources.

What are the limits GAP would set on me in growing my business?

There are no limits. Your growth, if advisably prudent, is limitless regards area, finance, shareholders, marketing and staff. GAP wants you to grow and succeed both professionally and personally. Gro2 Ltd encourages and will assist you to increase your resources and your opportunities.

What happens if my circumstances change and I want to leave the GAP?

The agreement signed at the outset would detail your rights and responsibilities. Its always best to see your commitments through, however, there would be a mechanism in place should you wish to leave on good terms.

Why aren’t more companies offering a similar Associate programme?

Well, I would imagine that specialists prefer market niches, like coaching, consulting and advising in a variety of ‘business start-up’ fields. There are drawbacks and barriers to entry in terms of skills and experience when professionally assisting people to start and grow a business. Many coaches and consultants today have spent the majority of their career in corporate management and have little personal entrepreneurial experience. That said, there are a significant number of very good consulting firms offering excellent assistance. At Gro2 Ltd, we like to think that we offer something different in the range of services, skills and in our approach. Our passion is helping people, by helping them create a meaningful business over time. Often no easy task, but we are committed.

Will I get at least get some money back if I fail?

That depends on each situation and the net worth of the business when you elect to cease trading. No one, including Gro2 Ltd, is able to offer guarantees of success or of any positive outcomes. The proof of your success will be as a result of what you put in and how.

How will Ugro2 help me?

Gro2 Ltd believes we learn best by doing. Ugro2 offers this community of like-minded individuals all committed to entrepreneurship, the opportunity to meet, to discuss, to share and to volunteer to help others. To do what Entrepreneurs need to do to grow their knowledge, contacts and experience.